First Impressions:  2017 Soar Seiki 998 TD1 E-Buggy

First Impressions: 2017 Soar Seiki 998 TD1 E-Buggy

It has been a long winter staring at this car.

I picked up this car at the beginning of 2017.  I figured it would give me plenty of time to build the kit and something to do.  The build was pretty straight forward if you have built 1:8 buggies before.  If you haven't, you will be asking questions.

The kit was packaged nicely.  The plastic parts look very beefy and the machined parts have a quality finish.  The only issue was the manual.  It was for a previous generation nitro car.  Not a big deal to me but novice builders may struggle some.  I built it using my Mugen baseline setup.    No real reason why I just figured why not:)

5 Months after purchase I had the opportunity to put it on the dirt for the first time.  I traveled north to a friends private track in Sandpoint, ID (Sandpoint 7B/RC).  Thank you Matt and Coneen for your hospitality.  Thank you Dustin and Rick for the comradery.

Rain, fresh layout, new car, new tires, rusty trigger finger...  I was a mess on the track.  This was definitely durability testing.

The car is solid!  Great shock package out of the box.  I ran the soft springs and TLR 40wt  front, 35wt rear.  Turning is solid.  Rear is a little loose (remember, the track is wet/mud).  Jumps like a beast.  This will be a great platform for me to build on.  With a few days of practice (in nice conditions) I feel confident that I can find solid race settings.  My Mugen was great, the Soar has the potential to be better!

Thank you to:

Gene Hickerson of Dialed RC Hobbies

T-Pro Racing USA

Sandpoint 7B/RC

Shawn Turner Painting

Factory RC Hobbies