Team Associated B64D Mini Review... Kinda...

Team Associated B64D Mini Review... Kinda...

I am going to make this quick and easy.  I will write an in-depth review when the outdoor season starts in the northwest.

Build:  Very little to complain about.  "I" made a few assembly errors towards the end of my marathon build the night before the cars first outing.  The kit was only missing a tiny, tiny screw.  Diffs use a ton of washers inside and out.  Nice build overall.  6ish hours for the roller to be assembled.

Practice:  Nope, I didn't get that luxury.  I was installing electronics instead.  The buggy was virtually getting all new goodies:)

Track:  The guys in Tri-Cities WA (2.5 hours away) built a small carpet track to fill our winter blues.  The track itself is small with +/- 15 sec lap times.  The jumps and landings are a little technical for an intermediate driver.  I personally enjoy racing there, I feel it makes me focus on my laps more.

Race:  So no practice for me.  Just a few warm up laps to get try and learn the car and a memorize a modified track layout.  Right away I noticed this car can turn.  It was a nice balance of aggressive yet predictable.  I had handling issues that were all self-inflicted.  I built the car by the book, to dirt spec.  The carpet provides way more traction than the stock set up can handle.  As my lap times improved so did its propensity to traction roll.  The locals that practiced the night before offered me setups to help me out.  Unfortunately, I was just plain exhausted and was not in the mood to make semi-major changes.  I adjusted the roll center and that made a noticeable improvement.  Every race my lap times dropped.  The car was super predictable.  I had no issues with the car itself.  As my speed increased I started having a small issue with my motor temp.  My new motor did not show up in time, so I borrowed a HW 5.5t that has been passed around.  It was good for 6:52 of a 7:00 race then it would overheat:/  No big, I am class filler anyway.

Durability:  I had no issues, however...  Others had front arm breaks and spurs stripping.  A longer term test will give us a better idea of durability.