Driver Support

As a small yet growing company, we do offer a driver support programs. We are evolving away from being a hobby shop to a specialty company.  Having a hobby shop or distributor sponsorship should not create a conflict of interest.  All support will start at 25% but you can increase it up to 50% by producing referrals and views.

Your resume needs to include:
Links for"Facebook" and "Instagram" pages.
Racing history, 2017 results and 2018 plans.
Current sponsors (support from a local shop is a bonus)
Classes and cars currently being raced.
Home city and state
Current home track.
Racing references
What do you have to offer us?  We don't just hand out discounts to generate sales.  We would like to treat it as a business partnership.  It is a hard question, but it needs to be asked.  Please include your explanation.


Being involved in our "Referral" program.  We provide you with a specific link to share.  Any sales made through that link provides create a commission for you.  It will also allow you to give a set discount to new customers to help capture the sale.  We can also track the visits to the site that you have provided.
Drivers will not need to turn in race reports but will need to provide pictures and tag us on Facebook and Instagram regularly.
Maintain a good and positive image of our sport.

All resumes need to be sent to

Only drivers with resumes will be considered.  

Thank you,