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Procircuit Marathon 1/8 Buggy Tire (Set of 4) (Red) (Xtreme) PCT1001R

Procircuit Marathon 1/8 Buggy Tire (Set of 4) (Red) (Xtreme) PCT1001R


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Like the name suggests, the Procircuit team wanted to make an optimum tread wear tire that will last longer in a multitude of conditions and a variety of different track surfaces, all the way from loose to high bite. Besides having excellent wear characteristics, the team also wanted a tire that provides outstanding all around performance. After many design iterations that included feedback from a number of test drivers, Procircuit succeeded in developing a tire that met all of their design goals.

At the very base of the Marathon is a “T” pin design which provides grip at a time when most tires are left bald. Procircuit did not miss a detail as the outer pins are already clipped at a the perfect angle to give you excellent performance on even the roughest track. 

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